Magnano is located in an area with plenty to do. For the sporty types, there are activities such as mountain biking, cycling, hiking, mountaineering, golf, skiing and swimming. For those who prefer a more relaxed pace, there are cultural attractions, pilgrimage sites, museums, castles, shopping and natural areas to explore, not to mention delicious food.

Mountain biking and cycling

Italy is a country with many cycling enthusiasts, and the Ivrea – Biella route is one of the cyclists’ favorites for training: lots of hairpin turns and steep inclines. This is also a popular area for mountain bikers. There are numerous trails and the many hills make it a real challenge. Route maps are available.


Magnano is on the route where Italy’s national official hiking trails run. The so-called, The Sentiero Italia is Italy’s longest long-distance route and crosses the entire country. This route starts in Sardegna and goes through Sicily to the mainland and finally ends in Trieste on the Adriatic coast. This sentiero is about 6,000 kilometers long in total and consists of as many as 350 stages, so you better have good walking shoes. Those who would like to walk the entire route in succession will be disappointed. Unfortunately, this route is not entirely on paper.
The Sentiero Italia can be broken down into 4 long-distance hikes about which some things have been written. Even if you only do part of this monster route, you are a true hero. But make no mistake, the routes almost all consist of alte vie (old roads) and take several days to complete, so they are not suitable for novice hikers!


The best described routes of the Sentiero Italia are:

Sentiero Roma- Lombardia Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) – PiemonteAlta Via Monte Liguri – LiguriaGrande Escursionista Appenninica (GEA) – ToscanaSentiero Sardegna – Sardegna , number 11 and 13 both run through and past Magnano. There are also many hiking trails in and around Magnano, numerous of which I have walked.
There are good maps available and I can advise you on them.



About an hour’s drive away is the valley of Gressoney. From here many elevators depart in summer for avid and experienced mountaineers who want to climb the Monte Rosa Mountains. From Staval one can take the elevator to walk to the Sella hut and/or Gniffetti hut. From there one can climb many peaks, such as the Liskamm, Castor and many others.


From the Gressoney valley, numerous ski elevators run in winter and cover a large area. However, driving a little further towards Aosta, take the exit for cervinia. This is one of the largest ski resorts in northern Italy, and this is also where summer skiing takes place in high season.


About an hour away by car is Ondaland, a huge swimming paradise, with numerous slides and slides. A nice change for swimming enthusiasts.


In Magnano is one of the most beautiful and grand golf courses in Europe, Le Betulle. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy themselves here and around Magnano there are 4 other golf courses. One in Cerrione, one in Santhia, one in Cavaglia and one in Cossato.